Our Clinic and COVID-19

Updated 22 March 2020

Bong Bong Veterinary Hospital 

We are all focused on the health ramifications this virus can and will cause to those vulnerable in our community, so by being careful and mindful how we conduct ourselves, we can easily lower the risk of spreading this virus.

We would like to stress that the COVID-19 Virus WILL NOT AFFECT OUR PETS. Distance, disinfection and hygiene measures are designed to protect CLIENTS & STAFF and those in close contact, your pets are safe.

We plan to continue offering our regular services to our clients as much as we possibly can given the impact of social distancing and potential personal isolation that some of us will have to practise over the coming weeks/ months.

Please avoid coming into the clinic if you are feeling sick, call first - follow your doctors advice and if you feel your pet needs veterinary attention we can try and organise a house-call or drop-off at the clinic from your car may be helpful!

We are not expecting medicine shortages so stockpiling of such should be avoided.

If you come in - please observe the current "distance rules", avoiding personal contact, cough/ sneeze into elbows, use the provided tissues/ hand washing products provided in the clinic if required.

We are here to help. The Luxury Cat Hotel is still taking bookings, routine vaccinations, checkups and surgery can still be booked in and any health concerns regarding your pets attended to as required.

Please stay safe and feel welcome to contact the clinic if you need us.


Telemedicine Consultations

Dr Doug is happy to offer a telemedicine consultation with you and your pet. This will depend on your pet’s condition as well as other factors so please contact us for advice on what is best for your particular situation.

At Home Consultations

If you are self-isolating and your pet needs to be seen by a vet, Dr Doug is able to arrange to visit your home for a consultation.

Online Pet Shop

Our online store will remain open and available for orders